Jeremy Scott F/W 16

Jeremy Scott F/W 16

Jeremy Scott multi color top
$290 –

Denim cut off

Asos tight
$8.69 –


Let’s face it – winter isn’t cool after the age of seven when they convince you to do a dance in front of your refrigerator with your pajamas inside out for a snow day. Was that just a thing at my elementary school? Chances are you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but I can guarantee you are probably dreading winter. How could anyone blame you? Winter is a horrendous time for most of us but a great time for fashion!



(Not really a relevant picture, I just love Drake.)

Winter is the perfect opportunity to test out new styles and learn what works best for you. If worse comes to worse, put your jacket on and no one has to know what you were actually wearing!

You do not have to necessarily stick to sweaters and boots until summer solstice rolls around.

Here are some off my favorite aspects of winter fashion:
1. Layering 

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It’s pretty difficult to stay warm when you are a fond advocator of the crop top but I’ve fallen in love with testing out different layered looks. In the picture above I paired a cropped turtle neck with a velvet cami, a red bandanna and a pair of checkered pants (oh and of course – a trusty leather jacket which I thrifted for $15!!!!!!!!!). I think selecting any of your favorite pieces from your wardrobe and throwing them together could actually create an unexpected layered look that says: “I might be freezing, but am I getting my money’s worth out of this crop top.”
You don’t have to take my word for it…
2. Be pretend a Parisian

Sometimes I like to step out of my comfort zone and admire cultures other cultures besides the one I come from (aka the state from which Snooki, spray tans, and butterfly clips came from). Other than my love of the french fry,  I have been very fond of berets lately although I have yet to get my hands on a good one. I adore them on some of my favorite fashion bloggers/vloggers, and hope my enormous head will fit into one. A beanie says I’m staying warm but wearing a beret really says you’re a chic adult. No I’m kidding, I’m not chic or an adult, but berets are a cool way to stay warm/spice up any outfit.

3. Staying Skinny



This is not the part where I tell you how to stay fit during winter because that’s just ridiculous. Eat whatever you want and worry about your summer bod a week before it starts like the rest of us! Disclaimer: I am not a lifestyle coach, please don’t take my advice on anything ever. Now that I’ve gone completely off topic, let’s talk scarves! I’m a fan of the blanket scarf especially since I have to roam the arctic tundra also known as New York City. I highly recommend investing in a good blanket scarf because this suggestion probably won’t keep you warm at all. Skinny scarves probably won’t keep you from freezing to death but they are such a nice finishing touch to any outfit. I’m starting to see them everywhere – from NastyGal AND to ASOS, to my mom’s closet – which is where I stole all of mine from! Skinny scarves remind me of something Harry Styles would wear, and honestly who doesn’t wanna look like an ex-British boyband member?

4. Beyond bubble coats 

Winter is the best time to stock up on outerwear, and it does not have to be a ski-style bubble coat. Broadening your outerwear collection does not have to be expensive, you can always grab some good pieces at the end of season sales and thrift/vintage stores. I think any kind of leather jacket and duster coats can really be crucial pieces for winter wardrobes. They are great to style and super easy to layer with, and you do not have to stick to just black/camel colors. My favorite winter jacket is a bright powder blue and I think it’s brightens up any outfit anytime I put it on (while others feel it is a complete eye sore).


5. When in doubt, Turtleneck it out! 


That was extremely corny and I am truly sorry. If you’ve stuck with me up until this point, THANK YOU! I’m almost done with my terrible puns. I just really need to express my love for turtlenecks: cropped turtlenecks, short turtlenecks, long turtlenecks – I do not discriminate! Turtlenecks make for great layering pieces and you can mix & match them with just about anything (overalls, leather jackets, fur jackets, let your dog wear them, because anything is possible). As I said before, I am not a fan of sweaters unless they are oversized and stolen from my dad or from the men’s section of Goodwill so I feel like turtlenecks are just about the only seasonally appropriate garment I will wear. SIKE, I really only own cropped turtlenecks which is a bit of a contradiction but isn’t everything in life?

Those are just a few of my winter favorites that probably won’t keep you warm but damn girl! You’ll probably be looking cute with a case of pneumonia but slay your doctor’s office.


Cruelty Free Make-Up Recommendations

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Hello! It’s me. By now you’re probably sick of Adele jokes and tired of hearing about other people’s resolutions for 2016…so I’m going to make more Adele related jokes and talk a little about my resolutions in this post.

I hope everyone is having a safe and healthy 2016 – meaning you’ve gotten over your NYE hangover by this point. If you’re still trying to conceal the bags under your eyes from an epic night of regrets and attempted resolutions, please continue this post because it’s specifically for you!

I have been a fan of make-up ever since I was old enough to sneak into my mom’s purse and steal as many cosmetic products as my grubby lil’ hands could carry. I’ve been through the good, the bad, and the down right ugly with my cosmetic product selection. I have been orange, overdrawn my eyebrows to the point where I look like I’m going to a surprise birthday party everyday, and committed a plethora of other sinful mistakes. It’s safe to say I’ve made my fair share of make-up mistakes, but my biggest was using brands that test on animals/are not cruelty free.

I feel the need to insert a bit of a disclaimer here: I am still adjusting to the cruelty free lifestyle and I am learning more, and more everyday. I am still open to suggestions and new ideas, so please do not consider me an expert on the subject. The products I am recommending below are just a few drug-store products I have really come to love lately, and have socially responsible ethics as well.

1. Foundation 


As someone who suffers from a good deal of redness on my face, especially during the frigid winter months, I’ve tried my best to find a good coverage foundation that isn’t too expensive/cruelty free. I was previously using L’Oreal True Match, but the company is notorious for testing on animals.  I found that it was causing me to get a good deal of white heads underneath my skin although it did provide full coverage.  Seeking a base that was a little lighter on my skin and cruelty free, I decided to check out the NYX BB Cream in the color Natural. I have to say I have been a pretty big fan of this product and it blends great with either a beauty blender/brush, and it provides pretty good coverage while staying breathable. NYX is generally a great company with amazing products that can work as a dupe for many high end make-up brands. The only complaint I really have about this product is the fact that it only comes in three different shades.

If you are looking for another option, I would recommend the Too-Faced Born This Way foundation which I have been eyeing for awhile but just cannot bring myself to purchase since it is a little more costly. It does come in a variety of different colors, and is a fan favorite according to Sephora/Ulta’s ratings.


2. Highlighter 


I was about to treat myself to a $30 highlighter from Naked cosmetics, but then I remembered I’m not a Kardashian/Jenner and I need that money to eat so I put my debit card back in my wallet (it truly pained me). I took a trip to my local Ulta and found another NYX product that keeps my face in tact. NYX’s “Moonshine” baked eyeshadow makes for a great base when building any eye look, but also keeps your face glowing like the Christmas lights you are probably sick of seeing.



Before finding this product I was using Benefit’s Watt’s up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter in the color Champagne but it was only a sample from Sephora. The actual product is $30, and I would recommend if you are willing to spend a little more.

3. Setting Powder 


Setting powder is a fairly new part of my every day make-up routine, but it is a product/step I would highly suggest every incorporate unless you have dry skin. Even then I would suggest still applying it to your T-zone rather than your entire face. This powder keeps your face looking flawlessly fresh all day which is something I struggled with because by the time I run to class or work, half my face has been wiped/sweated off. This powder is also great to bake your face with and is another step that has really helped me conceal to not-so designer bags that sit underneath my eyes. When I bake my under eye area with this powder it looks like I’ve gotten at least 45 minutes of sleep!


4. Setting Spray


This product is great to pair with the setting powder whether you’re about to step out the door or need something new to start off with. I use this to set my foundation when I’m completely done applying my face make-up, and I also use it to wet my beauty blender (BOO TO DRY BEAUTY BLENDERS). Applying water or some sort of spy with a vitamin allows the beauty blender to blend your concealer/foundation a lot smoother. This spray also keeps your make-up on all day and I notice my foundation clings to the dry spots on my face when I forget to use this spray. 10/10 would recommend to all!

5. Matte Lip Cream


Saving the best for last – these matte lip creams will genuinely change your life. I swear NYX doesn’t sponsor me at all, but I would love if they did because I spend my life savings on their products. If you know me, you know that I spend a good amount of my time in public checking my face in my phone. Most of you probably think I’m checking myself out, but honestly a girl is just trying to make sure her lipstick is still in place. One of my biggest fears is speaking in public with lipstick all over my face/teeth but these lip creams last through just about anything. Eat a meal, drink six cups of coffee, swim across the Pacific Ocean, and these lip creams will still be on. I would suggest moisturizing/exfoliating your lips before using these, because they are drying but other than that they are an absolute favorite of mine.

That’s all for now, but I’m constantly on the hunt for environmentally friendly and animal loving products that keep my face beat while leaving innocent animals unharmed.






The Science Behind Shopping: Why Can’t We Stop?


You’ve been looking forward to your much anticipated girl’s night out all week. You really wanna a great snapchat that says, “I’m hurt about it but look I’m still going out!” to spite whoever did you wrong or just to quote whatever Drake song is playing on the radio this week about going out more, and wearing less. You work a 9-5, go to school, or have another real life responsibility that does not allow you to solely focus on your wardrobe. You only have an hour to pick out that perfect GNO dress and guess what? Forever21 is having a sale! You need that new crop top because it’s soooo totally cheap! You need two new skirts because you can’t be seen twice wearing that new crop top with the same skirt. Oh – and of course – you need to accessorize BOTH outfits. By the time you sprint to the register, you probably have an arm full of apparel that has nothing to do with the event you were originally hoping to get an outfit for. Before you check yourself into rehab for a shopping addiction, perhaps put the items into perspective and step out of line. Will those items make you a better person? Will you really benefit from buying twenty-five of the same bodycon skirts? Do you smell cinnabons too or is that just like a perfume I can get here?

I’ve advocated fast-fashion brands on here before. I have fast-fashion in my wardrobe. I have items in my closet that still have a tag on them. Why? Because I felt I NEEDED those items. I would associate buying a new item or outfit for every occasion with unmatched excitement,  and glamorization of reckless spending. If I wear something new, people will like me. If I buy something new, I’ll feel more valuable. Maybe that is why fast-fashion has captured our hearts and our wallets. It’s almost like a drug at this point; we get it quick, we get it fast, we get over it and start searching for our next fix.

We buy things, we wear them once, and we throw them into a pile of more things. I can’t stop asking, why? I cannot give a particularly concrete answer because I am guilty of shopping like this. I was fortunate enough to be given a little bit of a background on manufacturing and what goes into making the apparel I often do not think twice about wearing. Somewhere out there your cheap shirt cost someone valuable time with their loved one, maybe some blood shed, and earned them a wage sufficient enough to cover the cost of your morning latte (if they’re lucky).
This issue is not only prevalent in fashion. This is the same culture that could be behind a woman grabbing a blender out of a child’s hands on Black Friday. I understand being desperate for clothes, shelter, and the basic necessities, but what kind of culture do we live in that makes stealing a BLENDER from a child seem like a reasonable action?

We live in a culture that associates our worth with how much “stuff” we have to show. We rarely ever associate the stuff we are buying with long-term environmental issues, human rights violations or the dent it is putting in our domestic economy because we are so clouded with the instant gratification it will bring to our short-term happiness.
This greed-infused model of consumer spending and a culture full of flaws is something that confuses and troubles me beyond the words I can put into this blog post, but it is one that will likely continue to be fueled especially with the holidays drawing closer.

Keep your children far away from the home appliance aisle until we can all work together to come to a more permanent solution.

What are we competing for?



As a young woman who frequents sites like twitter and instagram, it’s getting particularly hard to ignore the harsh criticisms my gender has been subjected to lately. It’s already bad enough we’re likely to have our access to affordable health services revoked from us (another blog post for another day but #ISTANDWITHPP), but we are CONSTANTLY criticizing each other.


I was inspired to make this random post by Ayesha Curry’s series of tweets that spiraled into a heated debate. I do not think Ayesha meant any sort of harm or intended to spread any kind of hate, but those who ran with the subject matter once again turned one woman’s opinion into yet another competition.

I think Mrs. Curry is a wonderful woman with a great family and I do not think bashing her as a person does anything, but I do feel that her stance as a female role model makes her an easy target for unwarranted hate. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this same sort of “class always equates to being covered up” nonsense has to stop. While Ayesha Curry’s tweets were seemingly harmless, this same sort of thinking goes well into the incredibly ignorant and victim/body shaming we have all become too familiar with as a society.

The concept that a woman must be modest in order to be respected and considered acceptable is absolutely ridiculous. The “well you were wearing that, you asked for it!” or general shock and disgust that comes along with a woman being proud of her body is just getting old now. Unfortunately, not everyone woman’s life ambition is to get “wifed up” and save their bodies for “the one that matters” as Mrs. Curry suggests in her tweets. That is her personal opinion and one that should be respected. I don’t think the backlash should be directed towards Ayesha Curry, I think the backlash should be directed towards the amount of hate and shame women have been subjected to for pure confidence.


I think actions will ultimately always speak louder than words. What a woman wears should NEVER outshine her accomplishments and achievements. America would probably be a lot cooler if our first lady could borrow Amber Rose’s ensemble every now and again, but one baby step at a time. One woman’s particular taste does not make her “classier” than the woman standing next to her – it makes her an individual with her own thoughts and characteristics. Would you compare the way Kayne West’s wardrobe to Obama’s outfits? No, you probably would not. Women have become embattled into a competition that seems like a never-ending cycle of comparisons.


If we do not stop judging each other and trying to win this imaginary competition with each other, how do we expect to grow and teach future generations to prosper? There are still women out there who have to fear for their lives for just stepping out of the house to get an education. Let’s stop worrying about who wore a sweater (or who didn’t) and start understanding where we should focus our energy.




Don’t Be A Dick When Decking Your Halls


By now you’ve probably tucked your cat ears away, and begun to start decking your halls. That’s awesome – I’m super happy for you!  I’m feeling Kayne West circa the 2009 VMAs bitter. I feel like I need to explain why I’m more cynical than usual. You know, when Beyonce had the best video of all time but Taylor Swift won the award. Let me back track a bit and explain why I’m radiating grinch-like vibes.

Halloween to New Year’s Eve is usually the best time of year for most people. From picking out a cute costume to drinking too much eggnog and crashing your boss’s Holiday party, there is no doubt it’s a few months full of festivities and valid excuses to get drunk. The only people who are not allowed to participate in the fabulous festivities are the poor forgotten souls who have to work straight through the most wonderful time of the year.

For retail employees, the holiday season is an absolute nightmare. Almost every holiday has become a commercialized and superficial opportunity for most stores to gain enormous profit, and their employees suffer the consequences of the commercialization.


I’ll be very honest here, Black Friday is absolute bull shit. There’s no reason that a store needs open at 5pm on a national holiday. There’s absolutely no reason people should be dragged away from their families so people can fight over a poorly discounted item that was marked up in the first place, and will be a fraction of the price in a few weeks anyway. The amount of abuse you usually take from customers is utterly ridiculous also. I’m sorry that an item sold out because you were too busy fighting with someone over a sweater but I’m just a college student trying to make a few dollars, I don’t control the company’s supply chain ma’am.


“YOU DON’T HAVE ANY _____ DECORATIONS, THAT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL!” – probably the same people who were mad that Starbucks cups are now just red. I’m so sorry we have to keep our displays neutral and cannot particularly support just one holiday. Next time we know you’re stopping into our store for five minutes we’ll throw up an entire display for the holiday of your preference! The customer is always right.


Sale associates do not control prices. Sale associates do control prices. Sale associates do not control prices. Learn that, live it, and love it. Yelling at me about the price of an item is not going to make it any cheaper. Threatening to go to another store is not going to make me discount the item because I will lose my job. It’s great that you’ve been a loyal customer for years and signed up for our emails, but I still cannot give you a discounted price. Stop asking.


Coupons are super helpful when it comes to staying on a budget. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them when they are CURRENT. There’s always that one customer who is ready to throw hands over a coupon that expired in 1995. I really appreciate your enthusiasm over saying 99 cents but you are holding up the line and no, my manager isn’t going to tell you anything differently. Please make sure your coupons have not expired before trying to use them. Otherwise we’re all screwed unless you also bring your trusty time machine along.


We do not have a secret stash of inventory we are holding onto to anger customers. If we sold out of something, it is gone. I cannot pull it out of thin air. I can check the back again but I doubt it will appear again after the tenth time I look for it.


No one is coming in on New Year’s Day. There is no reason why the store needs to be open. You are a very cruel individual if you feel the need to come shopping after New Years. Please go home and crawl back into bed like the rest of the world. You have 364 days of the New Year to be at the mall, it’ll be okay.

That’s the end of this week’s rant. Please be kind to those who work in the service industry this holiday season. Instead of worrying about whatever shiny new toy you’re gonna get your hands on, show a little humility. It’s free.

#FlashbackFriday: My First New York Fashion Week

Since it is #FlashBackFriday and New York Fashion Week is once again coming to an end, I thought I would take it upon myself to recall my very first Fashion Week last fall. This time last year, I was fresh to New York City. I still felt that wearing bright colors was acceptable so that’s how you know I was new. Michael Kors was my the only designer I could name and I wore cheetah print like I had some sort of sponsorship from the Amazon Rainforest. Ah yes, I truly represented the stigma of a typical Jersey girl.

Shortly before I made the official move to New York City, my school sent out a mass email with volunteer opportunities for NYFW.  As the saying goes, “you snooze you lose” and I woke up the next morning to all the volunteer opportunities being snagged. I was absolutely devastated that all the opportunities had been taken so I did what any logical, 18-year-old girl looking for work would do – I went on Craig’s List! Now I would not advise directly seeking any sort of job opportunities over Craig’s List without supervision or background information on the company, but I somehow managed to get lucky (and by lucky, I mean I did not get lured into a basement and chopped up into tiny pieces). The opportunity I found was for a small men’s streetwear company that needed volunteers to help with the process of setting up their SS15 show. At the time, I had absolutely no resume or even the slightest idea how to format one.  I had only been employed by a children’s retailer, and volunteered briefly for a charity fundraiser. My mom still made all my doctor’s appointments, and I was physically incapable of making anything other than Easy Mac. Moral of the story: Just because you graduate high school, you are not an adult. I was basically a walking fetus wearing a crop top and winged eyeliner going off to college.

After move in day, I was on my own and exposed to an entirely new world. New York City in itself is extremely intimidating when your only previous impression of the big city is Law and Order: SVU. My elderly family members drilled into my head that I would probably need to pepper spray everyone I encountered. So once again, I did what any responsible fake adult would do – I dragged my 18-year-old roommate who I had known for three days with me to meet the strangers I found on Craig’s List!

My roommate and I woke up extra early to explore the streets of SoHo where our first official NYFW meeting was! Disclaimer: We actually woke up a little early to do a prayer circle in hopes our day didn’t end in us getting chopped up. Our job for the day was to help scope out a venue for the fashion show to be held. Up until that point, my hardest decision was deciding whether or not I should get guacamole added to my Chipotle. I had no idea how to select a venue to hold a fashion show or any event planning skills what so ever but I was in too deep at this point, and I’ve always loved a challenge.

After getting lost along the way, we eventually arrived to a somewhat questionable destination directly outside of SoHo/Chinatown border. The location was pretty secluded, and I was starting to get worried because the only person standing outside the location was a man holding a camera. At this point, I was pretty much ready to grab the zebra pepper spray that my grandma gifted me before I left for school. Just as my very short life began to flash before my eyes, the photographer came over to my roommate and I to introduce himself. He was extremely friendly, welcoming, and did not give off the Criminal Minds, “I’m going to stuff you in the back of my van!” vibe. Side note, he pulled out a pretty legitimate business card with a lengthy list of credentials as well. The photographer further explained that he would be photographing pictures of the possible venue, and I felt like I could finally put my zebra pepper spray back in my bag.

By the time my roommate and I finally felt like we were no longer going to be a cliche episode of a crime show, the designer and his partner showed up for the meeting. A year later, I can say the first designer I had the chance to work with was the most understanding and genuine person I have come across this far in my short-lived career. I was a completely clueless, and unskilled intern who had a simple dream. He trusted me with a great deal of responsibility knowing how inexperienced I was, and his faith in my abilities truly gave me the confidence to put in the amount of work he knew I was capable of.

A week after this initial meeting, I was calling furniture rental companies and figuring out which RSVPs could sit next to each other. Apparently celebrities cannot sit next to media because they will hear gossip, and write about that instead of the actual show. Kind of like at your high school lunch table when you do not want to sit next to your one friend with the big mouth when you’re just trying to chat with your BFF! That was the only reasonable analogy I could format in my fake adult brain at the time.

This next part is going to be extremely graphic, and gruesome. I just want to expose the other side to the fashion industry. Just kidding! Part of my first internship was actually taking the measurements and photographing shirtless male models. Not exactly a tough day at office but it was the end of summer, and there was no AC. Alright, I’m just lying at this points. I had no complaints and I wish I could make a living off of photographing male models but my college has not yet offered that as a major.

I did do a lot of task managing that did not involve shirtless men. It was a tedious process, but the end result was more rewarding than that cheetah loving girl from New Jersey could have ever imagined. My typical college welcome week involved putting together a full-fledged fashion show. I don’t really consider myself an interesting person. I spent most of my time working or going to school, but I have to say that’s pretty DAMN cool.

The SS15 show was a complete success and watching it all unfold was an adrenaline rush I’ll absolutely never forget. Watching each model’s look capture the attention of the audience and seeing buyer’s, bloggers, and other industry professionals run up to the designer to congratulate him after the show was an indescribable feeling.

As I previously discussed in this blog, I’ve had a lot of struggles with my self-confidence. My first NYFW helped me discover what I wanted most, and where I wanted to be. Even if that meant taking the occasional step back to reconsider how to get exactly where I wanted to be. I will never forget the experience that turned me from a dependent, inexperienced intern to a self-motivated and confident student willing to take a risk to reap the rewards of a successful fashion show.

The Freshman 15: 15 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Knew My First Year Of College

Hey all! Hopefully you’re reading this in a very comfortable T-Shirt dress as I advised last week and if not please brace yourself before I dish out some more advice you won’t listen to! Do I have any idea what I’m really talking about? No, probably not but I did survive my first year of college. I have been feeling extremely nostalgic this week since I started my college journey exactly a year ago. Not only am I writing this post as I wonder if it’s too early to start my mid-life crisis, I am also writing this post to share the 15 pieces of advice I wished I knew my Freshman year. Move in day is quickly approaching for many people, unless you’re one of the unfortunate ones like me, who is already crying over a stack of syllabuses.

So sit back, relax, and close out of Pinterest because I promise you that you’re dorm is never gonna look that perfect. Pinterest is just socially irresponsible for setting us up for failure in the first place. Seriously though, do the owner’s of those picture perfect dorms ever sleep? There’s just no way you can keep your dorm that clean while still being able to eat, sleep, breathe, and go to class. I’m just not buying it, Pinterest!

1. You do not need to bring every piece of clothing you own, seriously.

If you have not worn it in the past year than you do not need to bring it to college with you.  While I was packing for school I was bringing shorts with me that I had not worn since the 7th grade (they also stopped fitting me back then too). I had some irrational logic that I would desperately need whatever item I had left at home and began creating ridiculous scenarios to justify bringing each piece. I felt like I needed the white leather jacket my mom bought me in 6th grade just in case I might need to bust it in in a Michael Jackson Look-A-Like competition for extra credit points! That never happened and I didn’t need that jacket. I would recommend packing by season and if you are too far away from home then I suggest packing you most worn pieces per season. It makes it easier on everyone to keep move-in day light and easy. You’ll thank yourself later.

Seriously though but down that Sombrero, don’t be ridiculous! You won’t need it until Cinco De Mayo anyway.

2. Set boundaries with your roommate

I lucked out and got along great with my roommate but I have heard many horror stories. Let’s face it – living with a complete stranger is terrifying. I do not care how many hours you’ve spent messaging each other on Facebook, creeping their social media, or taking “roomie” meet-up pictures with them. You never know what someone is ACTUALLY like until you are actually living step by step in a dorm room that makes a shoe box seem spacious. Let them know what your comfort zone is and make sure you respect theirs as well. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you will not tolerate just to avoid a confrontation. As the saying goes, you are better safe than sorry in this situation. It is better to air out your grievances in the beginning rather than keep too deeply infested in a friendship, and build up resentment towards their bad habits. Also, I feel a lot of people are disappointed by the common misconception that your roommate must be your best friend. That is honestly completely false and you have to understand that you are two separate people on your own journey’s. Give your roommate their space, make your own friends, and be your OWN person.

3. Stop talking about High School

This is a piece of advice that I got from my older cousin, and I have found that there is absolutely nothing that drives away new people more than someone who is too caught up in the past. Think about it for a minute; would you want you new boyfriend/girlfriend to constantly be comparing your relationship to their experience’s with their ex-partner? Absolutely not. Making friends in college is exactly like that. You’re all entering a new chapter of your life together, and constantly bringing up the past will only hinder your new experiences. Don’t compare your old friends to your new friends, don’t compare past your past experiences to new ones, and don’t give up because something doesn’t meet your already existing standards before you give it a real chance.

4. Put the Easy Mac Down, put your hands behind your back and slowly step away from the Ramen

I never thought the Freshman 15 would happen to me. I’ve been on the slender side since I hit puberty and I have been blessed with a pretty fast metabolism. I use to be able to put away an entire Chipotle burrito (for those who do not know, it is the size of a newborn baby) without putting a dent in my appetite. My mom had dinner on the table every night and I never had to fend for myself in the cooking department prior to college. I never really thought once about what I ate until I gained a very noticeable amount of weight my first semester. Although I did a lot of walking, I was still consuming your typical college kid specialities. I thought pizza rolls counted as a main course if you had some vegetables (french fries) on the side. I think I kept Kraft in business completely with the amount of Easy Macs I bought. When I had to eat on the go I would grab a bagel, a Pop-tart or six, and chase it down with an IV drip of diet coke. My awful eating habits started to catch up with me not only physically but it really took a toll on my well-being. I felt too tired and sluggish to complete most of my work, and my skin was absolutely suffering the consequences too. My best piece of advice would be to peal your meals during whatever free time you have available. Cook your meals for the week on a Sunday and freeze them if you are fortunate enough to have a fridge. If not, just steer away from the mystery meat in your dining hall and may the odds be in your favor!

5. Don’t wear heels to class

My priority was always to wear my most fashionable shoes but looking back now, I wish I invested in a sweet pair of Heely’s. I am here to say that wearing anything with a heel to class will end in blood, sweat, and tears. Not really but please prioritize your comfort when it comes to getting ready for class. Nobody wants to be the girl who is limping to give a presentation. Invest in comfortable shoes for the sake of your soul/soles.

6. You’re going to change, you’re relationships with other people are going to change and that’s okay!

I really thought I had everyone I knew figured out when I left for my freshman year. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that no one is completely good or completely bad. Every single relationship in my life has changed in someway or another and that’s just the way it goes. College is a tremendously enormous adjustment and people are bound to drift apart, have different interests, or just become the complete opposite of who they use to be. Growth and change are two natural parts of life so rather than dwelling on the changed relationships in your life, go ahead and appreciate the ones that have grown stronger.  Who wants to remain completely the same forever?

PS: My research has officially concluded that there is a Hill’s gif for everything. 

7. Stay on top of your student loans and keep yourself educated about the interest

If you are fortunate enough not to have to pay for your own education please do not take that for granted for a single moment. Student loans seem somewhat harmless we’ll you are in college but four years goes by extremely quick. Take it upon yourself to try and apply for every single scholarship you possibly can while using all  possible resources, i.e.: guidance counselor’s, your school’s Financial Aid Department, and the good ol’ internet. When taking out your loan please try and keep your interest rates in mind. I was completely negligent about repayment options last year and let my interest accumulate when it could have been easily paid off in installments. Work during the summer or your breaks and set money aside solely for the purpose of paying off your interest alone or make a payment plan with your parents. A little bit now can save you A LOT for the future!


Your immune system will likely never take a harder beating than it will in your first year of college. Dorms are already a breeding ground for germs but the sleep deprivation and nutrition alone are enough to weaken one’s immunity. Once your roommate so much as sneezes, go ahead and grab that Lysol, and chug that Vitamin C. Getting sick in college is not a “free” day like it was in high school. Instead you have to spend the time on your death bed emailing professors to excuse your absence and bothering classmates for the lectures you missed. Stay on top of your game; try to get as much sleep as a college student possibly can (so 2 1/2 hours), utilize Vitamin C, and clean/sanitize as regularly as possible.

9. Get involved

The only way you’re going to meet new people is if you put yourself out there. There is going to be plenty of opportunities to get involved at your school whether it’s through a mentor program, Greek life, a club or simply going to a school-sponsored event. Step out of your comfort zone at least once. I use to think getting involved was “lame” but I really feel like I missed out on the chance to meet other people and feel a sense of accomplishment that comes along with being apart of something. There is literally a club for every interest you could possibly have. If you just put a little effort into looking, you will get a lot of joy and camaraderie back in return.

10. Become friends with your professors

Believe it or not, professors really take a lot more slack than you think. Imagine 50 kids sitting on their phones, talking, or being disruptive while you were trying to give a presentation. I am pretty sure you would be upset or in my case slowly slither away into social anxiety driven embarrassment. Ok, now imagine facing that almost every day of your life! I am sure you would be more than a little cranky on a daily basis. I’ve found that most professors favor genuine effort and mutual respect regardless if it is a general education class or a major-related course. If you make it a point to get to know them, show you’re actually paying attention, and put just a little effort into their work then you will build a strong relationship with them. These strong relationships can grow into networking opportunities outside the classroom. Please don’t misinterpret that I’m not talking Pretty Little Liar’s strong student/teach relationship! You do not know who your professor knows outside the classroom and what other ventures they pursue when they are not in front of a chalk board. That professor everyone complains about could be just the person to land you an internship or job upon graduation. Respect them, put the effort in, and see the results!

11. Call your parents: tell them you love and thank them often

You spend the majority of your teens telling your parents how much you hate them and how you cannot wait to get away from them but once you finally do, I can almost completely assure you that you will miss them dearly. If your parents are paying for your education then you should already be bowing down to them. We all want our freedom but we never think about how much we’ll miss the small luxuries like coming home from school to a hot meal on the table, our laundry already being done for us, and not having to buy our own toilet paper. Regardless of what your relationship is like with your parents, you will be grateful for the sacrifices they made to get you to college and you never know what you have until it’s gone.

12. Don’t buy all your textbooks (YOU WON’T NEED THEM ALL)

Pretty much everyone professor is going to tell you that you NEED to buy every textbook but I do not thinking paying for a book you’re going to open once is worth an entire paycheck. At my school, we have a good amount of textbooks in the library and if you sneak in at the right time you can borrow it to photocopy the chapters you need for the week.  You can save by splitting the cost of a book with a friend/roommate taking the same course. I would rarely recommend buying your textbooks from your school’s bookstore unless you absolutely have to. Amazon, Chegg, and Valore are all websites that offer books for a fraction of the price that they are sold at most college bookstores.

13. Don’t judge a book (not talking textbooks in this one) by it’s cover

When it comes to meeting new people your first year of college, it is extremely bizarre to go from being around people you have known your entire life to people you’ve barley known for a month. Reading people is difficult when you do not know what their “norm” really is. I look back on my first impressions of a lot of the people I have gotten to know at school and laugh at how intimidated I was by them. Give everyone a chance regardless of their outward appearance. It’s a saying that has been drilled into our minds since Kindergarten but college really is a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Different people will have different things to offer you and their friendship could end up meaning more to you than someone you’ve known for ten years. You never know what someone’s story is and what they are going through so be tolerant, and be willing to listen because you never know when that person might be there to offer you the same.

14. You don’t have to have it all figured out 

Before college, you are constantly bombarded with the “Where are you going to school!?” questions and I am here to say it does not get much better once you enter you first year. What freaked me out most my freshman year was realizing I had to now worry about figuring the rest of my life. I realized the decisions I was making now, the major I selected, the internships I decided to take and every other decision would somehow shape the rest of my life. I got to a point that I was so miserable on the path that everyone else had chosen for me to take that I decided to take a detour. Instead of getting nervous by the, “What do you wanna do with that major?” or “What’s your next move towards your career goals?” questions, take a deep breathe and let them know you are uncertain. There is no shame in uncertainty. You have no one to answer to but yourself when you end up forcing yourself into something you have no passion for simply because it was the safest or easier option.

15. Watch your social media

I don’t mean to sound like an old goat here but social media is now becoming a big part of what employers look at. I know I may sound hypocritical based on my last item on the list but five years after you graduate your future boss might search your name, and that picture of you doing a keg stand might come up on their search engine. I want you to have your respective amount of fun but limit what side of yourself you let other people see. A guest speaker came into talk to one of my seminar classes my first semester and I was absolutely shocked by how closely possible employers monitor social media before selecting a candidate. This particular speaker was Emmelie Del La Cruz, a very relatable young professional who built her own brand and discussed how she selected her interns. You might think tweeting about how your always late is hilarious and might get you a bunch of favorites but you do not stop to think about how poorly that will reflect on your work ethic if a possible employer looks you up. Del La Cruz suggest you make 90% of your social media business related and 10% personal but I feel like those percentages are flexible as long as you are responsible about what you are putting out there.

I wish you all the best of luck on your journey’s and get ready to experience some of the best years of your life!


It’s officially T-Shirt (Dress) Time on Why Wear That! If you do not understand the Jersey Shore reference I would like you to please get off my blog immediately. Just kidding! I love you for taking the precious time out of your day to read my ramblings. I’m back once again to discuss the best thing since bagels (I know it’s suppose to be sliced bread but we can all agree bagels are more worthy of the love). The T-Shirt Dress is the lazy girl’s holy grail when it comes to staying stylish. Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town with your friends, heading to school after an all nighter or getting ready to kill an interview – there’s a T-Shirt Dress for every occasion!

Putting together a head to toe outfit is pretty difficult when your group chat is blowing up, your mom is yelling “5 MORE MINUTES!” and your ride is honking their horn so loudly you can’t even hear whatever Beyonce song you put on to get you through the day. Getting ready in general is very stressful. I mean the crucial process of trying to get your eyebrows to look like twins and not just sisters is enough to make you want to crawl back to bed. I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, you totally get me but what can I do about it?” or you’re probably wondering when I’m going to shut up and get to the point. This week I wanted to share a few ways I trick people into thinking I have my life and my outfits completely together! T-Shirt dresses require little to no work besides grabbing them off the hanger and throwing them on, and you can also count that as your daily cardio. It’s a win/win situation for all!

 1. Staying cool for school 
We all hate waking up early in the morning and if you’re a morning person please just stop being a morning person (it’s just rude, man). Throwing on an easy T-Shirt dress, and pairing it with a few simple accessories can save you precious time while also allowing you to hit that snooze button without feeling guilty. I purchased the dress (which can arguably be considered more of a shirt) from Brandy Melville awhile back, but you can find many similar styles currently on their website. I paired the dress with my Adidas, a criss-cross bralette because real bras are way too much work and a faux leather backpack from Target. I wrapped a denim shirt from Goodwill around my waste because let’s all be real, the flannel trend is getting real old. Denim is extremely popular in every aspect so pairing your t-shirt dress with a popular trend only further fools people into thinking you put a lot of thought into an outfit that took less than five minutes to prepare! Not only was this look completely inexpensive, it was also very manageable for someone who does not like to devote too much of their precious time which could be spent getting those few extra minutes of precious sleep.

IMG_68342. Fall(ing) into the sweater dress 

It’s probably time to talk transitional pieces now that the sound of Wiz Khalifa’s “Young, Wild, & Free” is slowly fading out in the background and those dreadful, “I can’t wait for smores, hoodies, and pumpkin snuggles!” tweets are polluting your feed and reminding us all that we must tuck away our short shorts, and crop tops once more. The sweater dress is the perfect transition piece to add to your end of summer/fall wardrobe! With a little help from a friend, I threw together the perfect Fall outfit! This sweater dress becomes hassle free and stylish by adding a black floppy hat that has detailing which further compliments the coloring of the dress. Throw on a classic leather jacket, black booties, and a silver statement necklace to dress the look up or adjust it to suit your occasion.


3. The perfect G.N.O (Girl’s Night Outfit)

Finding the perfect outfit to wear for a night out is so stressful that I usually want to just take Flo Rida’s advice and throw on some Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur and call it a night. Unfortunately, it’s no longer 2008 and I would probably be shunned if I stepped out in that outfit. While I tuck my Reebok’s with the strap far back into my closet, go ahead and feel free to check out the model (or friend I forced to be in this post) in this LBTSD (Lil’ Black T-Shirt Dress). If you’re rushing home from work on a Friday night and can’t quite find the perfect outfit screams “I’m here for a good time not a long time!” than no need to look any further. You can take a simple dress and make it the perfect GNO in under ten minutes since your ride is probably in the driveway already. Once again, pairing a simple dress with statement accessories and a fun pair of heels can make the most basic outfit stand-out up in da club (I’m really sorry for that).

4. Mixing business with pleasure

Interviews are always extremely nerve-wracking and trying to dress for success takes an even bigger toll on one’s nervous system. Please keep in mind that first impressions are everything and you only have one shot to prove that to your future employer. Get your hands on a business-casual T-shirt Dress but please make sure it is an appropriate length! You’re allowed to mix business with pleasure here a little, but keep your G.N.O Dress and interview Dress separate. I wore the ShopBop dress pictured above to a recent interview and I can proudly say it landed me a new job! The leather sleeves and stripe down at the bottom keep it fresh while still maintaining that professional edge. It is imperative to stand out amongst your competition! Here’s a quick success story: My manager even complimented it after I was done sweating her interview questions and fighting back the urge to throw up! We can all agree being an adult is scary…

Now go throw that pant suit out and put on a T-Shirt dress! I’m talking to you, Hilary Clinton…

Those were just 4 of my lazy girl life hacks to looking prepared for every occasion! Special thanks to my friends Micaela and Ailana for letting me feature them this week. If you would like to follow them on Instagram I’ll post their handles down below!